Friday, December 3, 2010

Who the hell are all these people?!

This blog received 89 page views today, including:
Rochester, NY
Richardson, TX (a recurring offender, but I  have no idea who)
Manchester, UK
Oslo, Norway
Springdale, AR
Indiana, Pennsylvania
Staten Island, NY
Woodbridge, VA
Madison, WI
Vervies, Liege, Belgium
Newton, MA
Houston, TX
Annistion, AL
Wilmington, DE
Plus many, many Norcal and Nebraska / Iowa readers.

I'm clueless about who any of you are, but thanks for stopping by. Writing here is usually just my way of clearing out some cobwebs; my cultural allusions typically reveal much more of myself than does my prose.

I also use this forum to sell myself on the idea of a riding life in Omaha and the notion of a thinking life divided between two time zones. It's getting easier because of all the great folks I've met in Omaha.

But I'm clearly firing wide of the mark I most want to hit, so I think I may change the tenor of this communication in the coming weeks. I've been singing in and of the wind for far too long, and it's evidently grown deaf to my appeals.

Nevertheless, here's a last salvo. But it's also about the bike. A little.  Listen to the opening.

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