Wednesday, December 15, 2010

sweathog weightloss

This morning, the trainer taught me a lesson and created a conundrum.

Good things to know: I can sustain a 6:00 AM wake-up call to ride for two days in a row. I again crawled out of a warm bed to slather cold chamois creme on my junk and slither into raggedy spandex. Watching Tivo'd episodes of Boardwalk Empire helps, but Breaking Bad is too riveting and too depressing: I find myself watching instead of spinning.

My newish Hincapie chamois makes the aforementioned junk go a little numb, while my crappy old Voler chamois allows full circulation.Too bad the seams slice into my groin.

Here's the conundrum: I weighed 201.6 right after I used the bathroom. Then I rode for an hour  while slowly drinking a 24-ounce bottle of water. I weighed 200.2 after I finished the workout. That's 1.4 pounds of water loss in ONE HOUR! Doesn't that seem a little excessive?

The temperature in the room was 68, and I kept a big box fan pointed at my torso as I rode. The workout was 10 minutes of easy spinning, 3*10 minutes of ME (Zone 3) with 5 minutes rest between intervals, and a 15-minute LE (zone 2) cool-down. My Garmin said I burned about 700 calories and averaged around 137 beats per minute for the hour. 

Adding the 24 ounces of fluid intake, I lost almost 3 pounds of water during a one-hour workout. Gotta think about ways to increase my fluid intake and retention. There's just no way to replace that much fluid during a 3-hour road race.

Tricky Dick taught us the potential costs of excessive perspiration. If homeboy could lose a presidential debate and election because he sweat like a monkey for 90 minutes, how much could all that sodium loss cost me?!


  1. I needed a laugh. The problems with your chamois, and tying in water retention to the reference of Tricky Dick sweating it out like a monkey while losing an election hit the spot.

    Thanks EOB.

  2. Yeah, I got on the trainer this morning and lost 2lbs. I will find the weight again... I am sure of it.

  3. I think you need to get rid of the scale, I haven't stepped on our home scale in like three years ( I do get an annual physical so I know I'm not gaining any weight). Results are realized on the road or trail, not on the scale. Come ride outside with us this weekend that will limit your sweat output.