Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It must be vacation week!

Redemske's off riding one of the stages of RAGBRAI, the one that rolls through his hometown of Algona. When I spent a chunk of time in the Midtown shop yesterday, trying to get my mountain bike ready for my own exodus, I was spared his incisive commentary. Of course, his absence meant Lucas and Chris had more audible space to occupy, a luxury they fully exploited.  But they also let me use a stand and gave me some mechanical advice.

As always, thanks.

I'm also going underground for a few days.  Blog-wise, that is.

Today's a pretty big day. I was worried about it for most of the last week, but today, I've reached a sort of zen-like acceptance.  So far I've made breakfast for the girls and tried to put together a shopping list for camping food.

Maybe my acceptance of today's milestone arises from tomorrow's departure for Crested Butte, my second-favorite spot on earth. Blank and I first visited in 2003, and I've wanted to return ever since. We'll be riding 20-30 miles of alpine singletrack every day for 6 days, camping out, telling stories, and causing trouble. Why worry about today when tomorrow sound so cool? Of course, one could argue that savoring today and being present in the now is the mindful path, but for today, one of the things I get to savor is the anticipation of tomorrow.

Here's some cheese to accompany that sentimental schlock. The video is schlock, too--but the sentiment's real. Happy 40 to me.

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