Tuesday, March 9, 2010

How in the world do we manage THAT?

Rode 33 miles on to the Schramm Aquarium Sunday with Joe Savoie, Pat Cash, Timmy the Madone Owner, Rich from TT1, and assorted other good-humor mongers. It was a cloudy and slightly wet 40 degrees, but I actually didn't freeze, and my back only twitched a little.

I'm going to head out today for a 90-minute spin, but I have a few new obstacles to navigate as I head east on Blondo:

And THIS road is in relatively good shape. You should see 49th Ave headed south. 50th heading into Dundee is more rutted and torn up than a technical CX course. 

Looks like winter was as hard on the asphalt as it was on my soul.

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