Thursday, October 22, 2009

So This One Time, Like, Three Months Just Totally Fell In My Lap?

Wool, like, so, I need to umm, ya know--save some stuff? For my dissertation? I have like, hella sources. Hella sources, bro.

So what I need is a database to, uhh, track these sources? .Pdf's da bombs, man, but I can't be printing those out for reals. Thousands a pages. Okay? So like, I gotta take notes on all these manuscripts too, and, wool, ya know--that's a lotta typing.

Then the bibliography's killing me. Killing, bro. How am I gonna, like, sort all that hella data, keep track of my notes on that shizzle, and cite it all? Damn. Putting together a works cited page with 350 entries? DAMN!

Then, I found this:

This Zotero stuff lets me store all kinds of pages: .pdf's of old-time books and shit, webpages, blogs, newspaper and magazine stuff, scholarly journals.... I can assign tags to track all those muthas, and take notes on it all. And then it builds me a works cited page as I type! Damn! Motherlode, you hear me? Empathize, canine?


  1. I can see that your vernacular here is deeply rooted in British Romanticism.

    Love is, hella-like, your religion—you could die for the mutha.

    Keats is rolling on his grave right now. Your professors should have you on the first flight back to Davis to smite thee.

    Good start on your blog, DOG!

  2. So I finally clicked on your blogger link from your last email to me and I can see you followed Zach's advice and bought a Mac. Isn't it AMAZING? I love mine. I finally gave in and bought the iphone a few weeks if I wasn't on email all the time already.

    Glad to see you're going hella well.