Wednesday, July 20, 2011

You're Stuck in a Metaphor!

This is so damn meta, I don't even know where to begin. In medias res, perhaps?

Here's what happens to an improvisational actor (Steve Coogan) who's spent entirely too much time reading the Romantic poets. The fact that I laughed as hard as I did means that I'm reading (watching) this as a metaphor for the two parts of myself; one who attempts something palpably, stupidly ambitious and gets stuck, and the other who stands on the bridge and mocks his friend's attempt.

But I'm also stuck in a metaphor, you see: my damn book's symbology just won't resolve itself. I unpack metaphors all day, sometimes so many that I'm beginning to think I've discovered a Gordian knot of them. I'm stuck in a metaphor (perpetually halfway finished with an impossible task) made up of metaphors (Romanticism as agricultural upheaval).

Plus, Blank once fell off his bike while trying to cross a stream. That was pretty damn funny, too.

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  1. At least my stream was warm. As was the scorching case of swamp ass that followed.