Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Habitually dangerous motorist cited in Ft. Calhoun

From the Blair Bike Club:

"I just want everyone to know that we had another incident in Ft. Calhoun with Don Bilderback (the crazy man who hates bikers) with one of our club members whom was almost run off the road.

I talked to the county attorney and found out last fall charges were brought against him and he did have to pay a fine for reckless driving (after the incident with Bob and I on the Omaha Trace Rd).

It is important for you to call the sheriff and file a complaint if you have an incident with this man.  He is very dangerous and will kill someone someday if he continues with this madness.  If you carry a cellphone when you ride be sure to snap a photo of his plate #.  This is excellent evidence- take photos of his face -if the opportunity arises!

I told the county attorney that his license needs to be revoked and he said that would eventually happen if they keep relieving complaints against him.  So you can see it is very important to "act" when he harasses you.

One more thing!  We are requesting that if you have had an incident with Don Bilderback that you would please write to the editor of the Blair Paper at this address:   with "letter to the editor" in the subject line.  I have spoken with Melissa from the paper and she said they will print all our letters the same day and that should have a big impact on the public.  Refrain from using his name and refer to him as "a particular individual in Ft. Calhoun" We only want letters that involve Bilderback --not general harassment from the public letters.  THANKS TO ALL  We have the right to ride safely on the road and not be harassed!!!

 Most incidents have been on the Trace.  he lives in a white ranch style house with a black garage right on the trace, near the Ft. Calhoun end.
Blair Bike Club"
I've heard stories about this guy, but I've never seen him.

My two cents: action begets reaction. If you're endangered by a motorist, do two things: 1: ask yourself what control YOU had over the situation and how your actions might have contributed to the incident; 2: contact the authorities and/or file charges.


  1. You'll know him when you see him - he flips off every cyclist he sees. I've been on the receiving end at least a half-dozen times.