Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Time present and time past

I was awake from 6:30 AM to 11:30 PM yesterday, and of those 17 hours, fewer than five were spent on my dissertation. The rest of the time was spent waking children, making them breakfast and lunch, driving them to school, walking them home from school, shopping for gluten-free cookie mix with them, making dinner for them, playing soccer with them, wrestling them into the shower, reminding them to use floss for the 1,000th fucking time, and reading them bedtime stories.

I barely had time to shower and feed myself, let alone delve into the archive of 18th-century agricultural writings. I did manage 60 minutes of yoga, but only because I desperately needed a momentary respite of mindfulness.

When I berate myself about how long it's taking me to finish this dissertation, I should probably remember days like yesterday and give myself a break. 

When I lament that my training has been so wildly inconsistent, I should probably recall that Abbey was just chosen for the gifted and talented program at her school and that Katie has blossomed after many, many hours of occupational, speech, and behavioral therapy. 

Maintaining any balance is damn-near impossible sometimes. But giving up either the writing or riding would lead to disaster. So it all goes slowly.

Except the days. 

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  1. Good stuff here. Thanks for the post, Eric.

    Sometimes, as you lament, the most difficult challenge is to keep balanced. But I'd say you're doing a pretty decent job of it, as evidenced by your daughter's success at school, taking time out to play with your kids, shopping with nutrition in mind, having some time for yoga while managing to get five hours of dissertation work in and blogging about it.

    Stop berating yourself. You're accomplishing a helluva lot here.

    And thanks for reminding me to floss.