Wednesday, May 19, 2010

stymied by derailleur cable

  • Stripped all the parts from the old frame.
  • Used the handy-dandy parts washer at the shop to clean the cranks, chain, derailleurs.
  • Overhauled the headset.
  • Installed headset, fork, and stem.
  • Installed new bottom bracket and newly clean crank.
  • Removed bar tape and shifters.
  • Blew grime out of shifters and reinstalled them on bar.
  • Installed the seatpost, stem, and bars.
  • Lubed and attached derailleurs and brakes.
  • Cut and routed new brake cable housing.
  • Cut and routed front derailleur cable and housing.
  • Cut rear derailleur housing.
  • Spent 55 minutes attempting to remove old derailleur cable from rear shifter.
  • Searched Zinn and the Art of Road Bike Maintenance for pointers on removing old derailleur cable from Dura Ace 7800 rear shifter.
  • Searched Google for pointers on removing old derailleur cable from rear shifter.
  • Asked Miah for pointers on removing old derailleur cable from rear shifter.
  • Cursed for about five minutes.
  • Vocally lamented my distance from the snarky and reactionary brilliance of Andrew Wike, my old teammate and favorite wrench. 
  • Patted myself on the back for helping get Andrew's girlfriend into Cornell Medical School.
  • Remembered what I was supposed to be doing and cursed some more.
  • Gave up in frustration and drove home.
  • Calculated that the 6 hours of labor I've spent on this process, billed at $40 an hour (my approximate salary as a college instructor) has far exceeded the $100 this build would have cost me had I asked the shop to do it. 
  • Tried to imagine what kind of beer Redemske and Jacob might like....

UPDATE: this morning, I:
  • Finally found a .pdf of Shimano's instructions online.
  • "Shifted" onto the outside position in the shifter.
  • Removed the old cable. 
  • Realized that I lost the cable I brought home last night.
  • Resolved to work on the dissertation until the shop opens and then go scrounge a derailleur cable, wrap the bars, and beg George for advice on tuning the derailleurs.

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