Sunday, April 4, 2010

Keystone Trail CLOSED between I-80 and "L" as of noon on Sunday

GlamJams: Omaha Police have blocked access to the Keystone Trail 150 yards south of I-80, just north of the trestle bridge that crosses the Papio north of "L" st. Several detectives are investigating what looks like a major crime, and they refused to let me pass at 12:15 PM today. They told me the trail will be closed in both directions for a couple more hours as they collect evidence.

They did offer me the option of hike-a-biking all the way down the creek bank to the water's edge, but they also told me they wouldn't let me cross the Papio on the trestle bridge, so I'd have to hoof it over to "L" to rejoin the trail. I just turned around.

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